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Great King Street Glasgow Blend

Great King Street Glasgow Blend

  • £34.99

50cl, 43% ABV

In his 1930 book “Whisky”, Aeneas MacDonald teaches us that Glaswegians
historically preferred fuller bodied and more flavour-packed whiskies than
people in other parts of the world.
So what better name for a whisky such as this? You’ll find here a rich
vein of peaty-smokiness, underpinned by sherry cask-aged whiskies, full
of dried fruit and wine character. The palate is full and round, with a
sweetness typical of whiskies from our company.
For decades, The Wellington Statue, outside Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern
Art, has been cheekily topped by a traffic cone, something the local
population has taken to heart as a symbol of their sense of humour.
It has become one of Glasgow’s most iconic images, and graces our label
for the Glasgow Blend.

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